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to your journey inward through art therapy


The only person that truly gets you is you

The only person that really gets you is you...

We’re all unique, inherently worthy and come from different walks of life.

Become the expert of your inner world

We work to empower you to become the expert of your inner world and find all the answers within yourself.

By getting to know yourselves on a deeper level, and uncovering your authentic code, you become better equipped to navigate life, and overcome challenges of all sorts.

Therapy with a creative twist

Soul & Co approaches therapy with a creative twist.

Based on the knowledge that our emotions and thought patterns are located in the subconscious mind we use a combination of art therapy processes and talk therapy to extract them and unpack them.

Embracing and nurturing the real you

The extra step of creative expression offers a raw insight into our psyche without being filtered or distorted by our conscious mind. Embracing and nurturing the real you. By getting to know our authentic selves we find empowerment in the sense of clarity, self-understanding and lightness.




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